Sales greenhouse

Gartenpflanzen Daepp

CH-3110 Münsingen

TASPO Awards 2018:
Gartenpflanzen Daepp is the winner of the category „Nursery of the year“

Sales facility

Total surface area: 1,013 m²
Scope of order:
  • 2-nave sales facility with wide-nave construction
  • roof pitch 25.56°
  • 2 different house sizes, 9.90 m and 13.90 m
  • fixed to a foil greenhouse in the channel area
  • facades covered with Vario 16 and 4 mm float glass
  • drainage
  • energy screens

Cabrio foil greenhouse:

Total surface area:424 m²
Scope of order:
  • 1-nave foil greenhouse with wide-nave construction
  • roof pitch 25.60°
  • the foil rolls unfurl from truss to truss, similar to shades
  • roll-up screens

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Sales greenhouses