Garden centre

Schley's Blumenparadies

D-45891 Gelsenkirchen

Total surface area: 5,500 m²
Scope of order:
  • entrance area: 12 m high and larger than average
  • horizontal glazed panels (dimensions L/H approx. 3,000/1,000 mm)
  • modern concrete arches
  • facade in the heated area: Thermo 36 hi profiles with triple glazing
  • cold area: Thermo 36 profiles with double glazing
  • roof: Thermo 36 profiles with double glazing, as well as Thermo 36 profiles with safety insulating glass and partially (in the area with the tills and in the warehouse) panels
  • ISO Hi+ channels
  • glass on the south-side of the building has a Stopsol coating

Garden centres