Garden centre


D-89407 Dillingen

Total surface area: 5,900 m²
shop floor: approx. 2,100 m²
temperature-controlled area: 1,400 m²
heated area: approx. 1,900 m²
open roofing / cafe: approx. 500 m²
Scope of order:
  • 7-nave garden centre
  • planning and execution in around half a year
  • thermically separated Variolux Thermo 26 profile system
  • good energy balance thanks to ISO Hi channels and insulating glazing (Ug factor = 1.1 W/m²K)
  • roof covering of shop floor: translucent twin-wall panels made from polycarbonate
  • comfortable climate in the interior area thanks to single and double row ventilation hatches
  • Stopsol glazing of the front facades in the customer area
  • transverse panes

Garden centres